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about us

qb. is a purpose-driven consulting firm.

We envision a world where all organizations prioritize inclusive, diverse communities and invest in climate resilience.

qb. stands for queen bee.

Inspired by the beehive - a symbol of co-operation, efficiency, and continuous learning - our mission is to help organizations b. resilient in the face of adversity and constantly improve to raise industry standards. We partner with companies, social enterprises, and nonprofits to design strategies and communications that advance corporate responsibility initiatives while strengthening relationships with key stakeholders.

Grateful for our work with:


our hive approach 


Happy employees = happy clients. We're here to make your life easier.

At qb. we believe in: close collaboration, high efficiency, and best-in-class results.

Our model is based on the hive where bees work together for the greater good of the community. Having been on the client side, we understand the importance of strong working relationships and a job well done. We emphasize work-life balance and value everything that makes our talent diverse and unique.

We hand-pick the best minds in the business and match them to our clients on a project basis.

A 'matchmaker' of sorts, we cherry-pick specialists from each field considering the whole person - not just their on-paper credentials. Our model empowers our team to deliver a high-quality work product by fostering the autonomy that drives innovation. Experienced project managers oversee each endeavor closely, ensuring a satisfying experience for our clients and our experts. 

As a purpose-driven consulting firm, a core part of our mission is to help change the way people work.

We provide flexibility and meaningful projects for our specialists, whether they're:

  • Millennials who are hungry for more meaningful work

  • New parents who want to stay in the game on their own terms

  • Overqualified for their 9-5 job and looking for ways to exercise their brain

  • Saving up for graduate school

  • Transitioning into a new field

  • Trying to build up their portfolio

Clients get access to the best of the best - motivated, innovative, creative, nimble teams. It's a win-win.

the team

Founded by two former Change.org colleagues, qb. was born out of the desire to leverage a talented network of freelancers hungry for purpose-driven work. We cherry pick from our network of over 100 experts in the social and environmental impact sectors.


Noemí Jiménez

Noemí has corporate communications, strategy, branding, and market research experience across the non-profit, for profit and social impact sectors. She works with clients to manage issues across equity, inclusion and diversity in the workplace and representative communications across sectors.

Based in NYC, Noemí works with executive teams to understand the strategic implications of inclusion and sustainability and develop approaches to drive business value. A seasoned sustainability professional with a track record helping Fortune 500 companies from S&P Global and PepsiCo to HP and Estee Lauder achieve their corporate responsibility goals, Noemí has spent over a decade working in the social impact space.

She holds an M.A. in Corporate Responsibility and International Relations from NYU’s Gallatin, School of Individualized Study and a B.A. in Children's Psychology and Visual Arts from Sarah Lawrence College.

Noemí moved a lot while she was growing up, spending most of her time in Quito, Ecuador. Aside from running qb., Noemí is a new mom, a travel addict, and an aspiring yogi.

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Sam Headshot

Samantha Harmon

Sam has worked in the retail, non-profit and social enterprise sectors for over a decade, developing expertises in responsible retail, systems thinking, gender equity and inclusive growth. She works with clients to craft and execute strategic initiatives and transformational business plans.

Based in the Bay Area, Sam leads a wide range of projects across the diverse landscape of corporate responsibility that enable clients to integrate sustainability into their operations, quantify impact and ignite change. She is skilled at navigating internal dynamics and understanding the needs of stakeholders at companies of all sizes from large corporations like Experian and Fossil to burgeoning, high-impact brands like Soko.

Sam holds an M.B.A. in Sustainability Management from Presidio Graduate School and a B.A. in International Studies from the University of Missouri. As a true Texas native, she is well versed in breakfast tacos and kolaches.  

Alongside qb., Sam serves as an Ambassador for Remake, an NGO devoted to helping people understand the complexities of the retail industry and embrace a sustainable fashion lifestyle.

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If we expect others to b. we must b. ourselves.

As a women-owned and run organization with a broad cultural lens, we live and breathe our values.

  • 1% of all our profits are donated to the International Rescue Committee

  • Reduced rates are extended to our nonprofit clients

  • Equity, diversity and inclusion are cornerstones of our company culture


navigating corporate responsibility can be 'complicated', it doesn't have to be.

our services (our passion)

We're your allies, bringing interdisciplinary perspectives and cultural sensitivity to the table to help you integrate sustainable, inclusive practices and b. the company you want to b.


strategy + operations

How will you translate your values to actions? Despite commitments to improving, companies struggle to integrate sustainable, inclusive practices into their business strategy and operations.

We help embed your values into every aspect of the business - from products, to customers, to vendors. When done right, this translates to improved financial performance and innovation. We act as an extension of your team, offering:








Unsure how to lean in to social impact? As climate change, economic injustice and racial tensions dominate our public discourse, companies have an unprecedented opportunity to join the global conversation.

Remaining neutral is not good enough. Stakeholders want to know what you stand for. We’re here to help you tell your impact story while remaining true to your brand. Ensure your message is not misinterpreted through:






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employee engagement

Is retaining talent a top priority? It’s no secret that today's workforce expects to feel included and seeks purpose at work. Valuing intersectionality and sustainability is critical to attracting and motivating the best talent.

To embrace this path, we work with you to bring diverse voices to the table and develop interactive, people-focused sessions. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but the work can start now: