about us

qb. is a purpose-driven strategy + communications firm.

We envision a world where all organizations prioritize inclusive, diverse communities and invest in climate resilience.

qb. stands for queen bee.

We were inspired by the beehive (not to be confused with the BEYhive, although who isn’t inspired by that).

Bees work together to build the intricate beehive structure, and we saw that as a perfect symbol of community, cooperation, and continuous learning in nature, so we built our firm on these values.

To contribute to our community, we donate 1% of our profit to the International Rescue Committee.

To foster cooperation, we focus on building diverse project teams – everyone has a role to play, and diversity leads to innovation.

And because we’re continually learning, we produce top notch work, always.

Grateful for our work with:


qb. was instrumental in supporting my team as we worked on building our framework for our North America region sustainability plan. They were organized and thoughtful in their approach, helping us to lead important discussions with internal stakeholders. We were able to drill down and come up with a strategy that fits for our organization and clearly communicates our mission of serving our consumers, clients, our people and global communities. The entire qb. Consulting team is professional, results driven and cares about their clients and the world at large. I would highly recommend them if you want to get the job done on time and in a way that suits your organization.
— Director, Corporate Responsibility & Sustainability | Experian